A letter from Shaw to his sister:

Lenox [BCF]
May 6,1863

My Dear Effie,

Annie and I shall be in Boston on Monday. Will you please tell Mrs. Crehore to expect us on Tuesday?  No matter whether she wants us or not, we are coming. I was very glad to hear from Mother that Charley (”Katie”) had got to New York after all.  Harry and Mary are married by this time; I wish I could have been at the wedding; what a pity the weather is so bad; it has been beautiful up here until now. I have been in quite an angelic mood ever since we got here—as is becoming — and haven’t felt envious of any one. Excuse this short note, for I am dreadfully busy. Annie sends love to you and Charley. We haven’t seen a single soul until today, and we’ve only been off the place twice. We began to read “The Mill on the Floss,” but have only finished three or four chapters. We read it three years ago together, when I was here on a visit. Our own ideas are more interesting to us just now, than Miss Evans’.

Always your loving Brother