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A number of the maps below are links to zoomable maps in the Library of Congress American Memory Civil War Maps collection. The home page of the collection is here, and it provides both a search function and browsable categories. Most of the maps show a small window copy of the map on the right, and a large window copy of the map on the left, with controls for selecting zoom level and (main) window size below the left. Directions for using the zoom are given at the top of the page: Select a zoom level and a window size (usually the largest), click on the left map to switch to the chosen zoom level and size. At the same time a red outline rectangle shows on the right-hand (Navigator) copy of the map. Whenever you click on the righthand map, the red rectangle is re-centered on your click location, and that region is displayed in the lefthand main map.
Another quite useful resource is Maps, Etc., which is the source for several of the maps here.  The site also has both search and browse functions.

U.S. Seceding States The United States Secession. Ward, Prothero, and Leathes, The Cambridge Modern History Atlas (New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, 1912). Source: Maps ETC; Educational Technology Clearinghouse; Florida Center for Instructional Technology, College of Education, University of South Florida.

Seat of the Civil War Seat of the Civil War, 1861-1865. Inset: Vicinity of Gettysburg. From The Historical Atlas by William R. Shepherd, 1923. Source: Wikipedia: Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Progress of the Civil War Map displaying the progress of the Civil War 1861-1865.
Source: Wikipedia: Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, Courtesy of the University of Texas Libraries, The University of Texas at Austin.

Readville, MA Current map. Source:

Parade Route Through Boston Overlay added to: Plan of Boston, Author: Mitchell, S. Augustus, Publisher: Mitchell, S. Augustus, Date: 1860, Call Number: G3764.B6 1860 .M5 from Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library.

Voyage from Boston to Port Royal Overlay added to:

South Carolina Sea Islands From: . Map provided by:

Charleston Harbor with Morris Island, etc. from the Library of Congress American Memory Civil War Maps collection.

Charleston Harbor Rebel Defences from the Library of Congress American Memory Civil War Maps collection.

Charge on Ft. Wagner from [BBR], p.81.

Ft. Wagner assault plan from the Library of Congress American Memory Civil War Maps collection.

Ft. Wagner – Morris Is. from the Library of Congress American Memory Civil War Maps collection.

Ft. Wagner: Gillmore’s earthworks from the Library of Congress American Memory Civil War Maps collection.

Gillmore’s Position: Morris Is. from the Library of Congress American Memory Civil War Maps collection.

Charleston Hbr: Union/Rebel Batteries from the Library of Congress American Memory Civil War Maps collection.



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Reenactment Units / Natl Guard Unit Reactivated

Massachusetts 54th Company A [Nat'l Guard Reactivated]

54th Massachusetts Glory Brigade, Inc.

54th Massachusetts Company B Volunteer Infantry Regiment

54th. Mass. Volunteer Infantry, Co. I

54th Monument / Natl Park Service Sites

NGA — Shaw Memorial Home Page

54th Infantry – 55th Infantry – 5th Cavalry Marker

Boston African American National Historic Site (U.S. National Park Service)

Natl Archives / Library of Congress[LOC]

African American Odyssey: The Civil War (Part 1)

Exhibit: 54th Mass Casualty List

Letter from Charles Douglass to his father Frederick

Today in History: September 3

Civil War Maps – (American Memory from the Library of Congress)

Regiment: General

History of the 54th

54th Massachusetts Regiment

The 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment

The 54th Regiment

America’s Civil War: 54th Massachusetts Regiment

Tangled Roots

54th Massachusetts Regiment – Massachusetts Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission

54th Massachusetts

54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry |

Fifty-fourth Massachusetts Infantry

Mass Moments: 54th Massachusetts Regiment Marches Through Boston

This Day in History 1863: The 54th Massachusetts leaves Boston

54th Massachusetts Colored Regiment


Military Background, The Late Colonel Shaw

Robert Gould Shaw – Wikipedia

Edward Needles Hallowell – Wikipedia

Black Civil-War Soldier Gets Overdue Honors : NPR – Swails

Stephen Atkins Swails – Wikipedia

Sergeant Carney’s Flag

William H. Carney: 54th Massachusetts Soldier and First Black U.S. Medal of Honor Recipient

William Harvey Carney – Wikipedia

Alexander H. Johnson 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry

“I Hope to Fall With My Face to the Foe”: Lewis Douglass Describes the Battle of Fort Wagner, 1863

Black Soldiers in the Civil War

SgtMaj. Lewis Douglass

Ben Coblyn 54th Mass Vol Football Basketball History


Battle of Sol Legare Island, James Island, July 16, 1863

Battery Wagner, the Assault of July 18, 1863

Fort Wagner – Wikipedia

History, The Attack on Fort Wagner

The Black Phalanx – Olustee

Battle of Honey Hill – Wikipedia

Remaining four drawn from Harper’s Weekly:

History, The Attack on Fort Wagner [Harpers 8/1863]

Battle of Fort Wagner

Gettysburg Battle Description – link to Ft Wagner

Google Image Result for

Charleston / South Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina, in the American Civil War – Wikipedia

Selected Bibliography, C.W. @ Charleston – 54th

Welcome to Civil War @ Charleston

Drawn from Harper’s Weekly:

The Siege of Charleston in the Civil War


Assault on Fort Wagner

Plan of Genl Q. A. Gillmore’s position on Morris Island, Charleston

Maps of United States – Civil War

South Carolina SC – Civil War Maps

Historical Marker Database Map

The Norman B. Leventhal Map Center at the Boston Public Library :: Advanced Search






Charleston: 1863

South Carolina Maps. South Carolina Digital Map Library.

Abraham Lincoln / John A. Andrew

Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution – Wikipedia

The Proclamation Issued (Top Treasure): American Treasures of the Library of Congress

John Andrew – Massachusetts Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission

John Albion Andrew

MHS John A. Andrew Papers, 1772-1895 : Guide to the Collection

John Albion Andrew – Wikipedia


Morris Island – a set on Flickr

Views of Morris Island Beaches

Pictorial Americana: Civil War (1863) (Prints and Photographs Reading Room, Library of Congress)

MHS 54th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry Regiment Photographs, ca. 1860-1880 : Guide to the Photograph Collection

Saint-Gaudens massachusetts 54 – Google Image Search

54th Infantry – 55th Infantry – 5th Cavalry Marker

Civil War Photos: Charleston, SC Siege > 1865 Charleston, South Carolina

Assault on Battery Wagner – Harper’s Weekly – Google Images

USAMHI Photo Search

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass, “Chapter XI. Secession and War,” Life and Times of Frederick Douglass, Written by Himself, 1892

Frederick Douglass Project Letters

Men of Color, To Arms! by Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass Project Writings: Why Should a Colored Man Enlist?

Frederick Douglass American Abolitionist

This Far by Faith . Frederick Douglass | PBS

Frederick Douglass – Biography and Works

Frederick Douglass National Historic Site

Frederick Douglass (American Memory, Library of Congress)

Frederick Douglass: Related Resources

Frederick Douglass’ Children

Frederick Douglass – Abraham Lincoln and Freedom

General Sources

MHS Civil War Correspondence, Diaries, and Journals at the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1754-1926

African American Civil War Soldiers: Research Links: August 2007

Civil War Rosters – MASS. UPDATED 02/03/08

Massachusetts Civil War Research Center


The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History . Home

Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States (MOLLUS)- History

Accessible Archives | About the Archives

Additional Books

Hope & Glory: Essays on the Legacy … [Forward by Colin Powell]

The Naval Institute Historical Atlas …

Swamp angels : a biographical study of the 54th Massachusetts Regiment : true facts about the black defenders of the Civil War []

A History of the Negro Troops in the War of the Rebellion, 1861-1865

The Brave Black Regiment: The Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry Volunteers (Colored) and the Pay Inequality it Faced, January 1863 – September 1864.

Other Units

55th Massachusetts

Voices of the 55th : letters from the 55th Massachusetts Volunteers, 1861-1865 []

44th Massachusetts at Camp Meigs: A Panorama of the training camp at Readville, The | Military Images | Find Articles at BNET




The 1989 film Glory can be credited with raising the perception of the 54th Regiment in America. The Wikipedia entry for Glory has an good discussion of the film, including an extensive discussion of its historical accuracy. Video clips from the film can be found on the web by searching for phrases such as “film glory civil war” on Google Videos.

The American Experience: The Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry (1991)

A 1991 episode in the PBS American Experience television series.