A letter from Shaw to his friend Charles Fessenden Morse:

Lenox, Mass. [BCF]

May 3,1863

My dear Charley,

I can only guess at your whereabouts. The papers tell us that you are once more at work in good earnest. How I wish I were to take my share in this campaign, and that my future fighting were to be (if there is any in store for me) might be done alongside of my old companions. Think of me when you come into camp of a night, and lie down on your blanket, before a rail fire (the rails must be scarce in that neighbourhood though.)

Just now I am very differently occupied, for I was married yesterday and have just come up here to spend a week.The country is just beginning to look green & the weather is perfect. We are living at Pa Haggerty’s place, which is a remarkably pretty one, & I expect to have as nice a time as any one in the same circumstances ever did. Saddle horses & a light wagon are at hand, when we want to tide or drive, and a nice garden & pine grove near, to furnish pleasant walks. I feel very humble when I think of you fellows out there, but shan’t fret much, as I expect to be off myself in less than 30 days. I have got my minimum of enlisted men & received my Col’s commission.

Harry follows suit, & will be married next Wednesday, after asserting for six weeks that he should wait until he returned home again. I dined at your Father’s Sunday before last, and passed a most pleasant afternoon on the border of the pond. It made me think of your many adventures in the neighbourhood. I saw Miss Goreham and couldn’t but admire your brother’s good taste. Your Mother, I only saw for a moment, as some indisposition prevented her from coming down to dinner. I don’t think I ever saw a sweeter face than yout sister’s, and if her lameness has had anything to do with forming such a beautiful character as she must have, it is not a dear price to pay for it.

I hope this will find you alive & well. Please hand the enclosed slip to Tom Fox at earliest opportunity. Write me what is going on when you have a chance. Bangs is engaged to Miss Laura Pell— very handsome young lady, and one of the best amateur performers on the [one word illegible] in N. Y.  I didn’t send cards to the fellows in the regt because it didn’t seem worth while. If any one speaks of it please excuse me to them.

Your afffc friend,